Behaviorálny a experimentálny ekonomický tím MZSR

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About us

Behavioural and Experimental Economics Team (beet), officially operating on Ministry of Health of the Slovak Ministry of Health as the Department of Innovative Approaches in Health Care. Beet's mission is to bring proven principles and solutions based on behavioral science to the Slovak healthcare system. We believe that by using approaches that take into account all aspects of human behaviour, we can improve the quality of Slovak healthcare. Our main goal is to make the latest medical knowledge accessible to all.

Our work is based on the hypothesis that human behavior and decision making is not always rational because it is influenced by a number of behavioral factors. However, the previous practice of policy approaches has often not taken behavioural factors into account, which may have made the proposed solutions inaccurate or incorrect. Beet perceives the factors of rationality as well as irrationality of human behaviour and has the ambition to translate them into health policy making.

Read more about our activities, projects and findings on the web and in our posts on FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

You can also hear about the work of beet in the podcast "beet health" which can be found on Spotify and other podcast apps.


beet is a member of the OECD Behavioral Insights Network


Our team

Ing. Lukáš Sekelský, PhD. - director

Mgr. Dominika Holubjaková, ACCA

BcMonika Kállaiová

PharmDr. Daniela Lejla Kudrová

Mgr. Ľubomír Šottník, PhD.

Business team discussing results of their work

External team members

Martina Fehérová, PhD. - an experienced expert in behavioural economics, who currently teaches the course Experimental and Behavioural Economics on the prestigious The University of Sydney.

Mgr. Lenka Abrinková, PhD. is an expert in the field of psychology, specializing in the topics of resilience, psychohygiene and risky behaviour of adolescents. She is currently working in University Counselling Centre at Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in KošiceShe is the main trainer in the buddy system project.

Doc. Jana Péliová – is an expert in experimental economics at Department of Finance, University of Economics in Bratislava. She also serves as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Project Management at the University. She founded the first Behavioral and Experimental Economics Lab (BEER) at the University of Economics in Bratislava.

Prof. Maroš Servátka – is a professor of economics at Macquarie Business School, where he works on experimental and behavioural economics and applies insights from behavioural and experimental economics to both the public and private spheres.


Prof. Robert Slonim – is a professor at University of Technology Sydney, PhD. degree holder at Duke University and MBA and BA degrees at The University of California v Berkeley. Professor Slonim is world-renowned for his pioneering work in behavioral and experimental economics and extensive scientific studies on learning, trust, the economics of donor behavior and blood donation.

OECD – within the OECD, we are part of an international working group focused on behavioral interventions.