Behaviorálny a experimentálny ekonomický tím MZSR

The internet and social networks have a major impact on the way people access information about health, different diseases or prevention options.  Traditional sources of information, such as doctors, print media, books, school or family and friends, are constantly being supplemented by entirely new sources of varying quality in the online environment.

For many people, the internet and social networks have become a key source of information about health and healthcare. This has had a major impact on the variety and quality of information on which people make decisions about their health. In many cases, it is inaccurate or scientifically unsubstantiated information or purposeful misinformation that thrives best in the social networking environment.

Je  dôležité, aby  ľudia  neboli  zahltení  veľkým  množstvom  informácií,  ale  aby ich daná informácia výstižne a pravdivo informovala prostredníctvom stručného textu a najmä, aby informácie, ktoré sa k nim dostanú boli z overených zdrojov.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we conducted a study on the topic of misinformation "Misinformation in the Slovak health care system from the perspective of doctors".

  • the result of the study is a proposal of recommendations and measures that should be implemented by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic in order to help doctors in the fight against the spread of misinformation
  • also revealed the most common misinformation spreading in our healthcare system
  • The study subsequently served as a basis for better setting up and strengthening the Ministry's communication with the public on protective measures and the vaccination campaign against COVID-19

In a rapidly evolving world, online games adapt to the needs of society and evolving situations. One of them is an online game that is run under the auspices of our foreign partner.

  • City, University of London working with an international partner to develop a critical thinking game on misinformation
  • gamification as a new tool for targeted constructive decision-making and the ability to distinguish between facts and misinformation in a playful way
  • education on disinformation messages
  • launching 2023